QRC is a service of the Yun Li Statistical Genetics Group.

We have developed a reliable method to uniquely identify human individuals based on the genomic data provided by consumer genomic sequencing and genotyping services such as 23andMe. There are a number of companies offering similar services, including some that specialize in identification of particular phenotypes. While these companies do not always provide the raw data to their customers, it is typically made available when requested by the customer. Some consumers purchase services from multiple providers.

The goal of QRC is to provide these consumers with the means to validate that the data returned from multiple services do in fact represent the same individual human – presumably themselves. For a consumer using more than one service, QRC can immediately verify that the results do in fact represent to the same individual. QRC takes a single input file, which is the genomic data provided by one of these services, and generates a signature from the data that is unique for every human individual. This signal is then encoded in a QR code, which is therefore also unique per individual. The signatures and/or QR codes generated from the output of multiple providers on behalf of a single individual can be compared to ensure that the results do in fact represent the same individual.

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